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Specific Risk

Specific Risk credit insurance allows you to insure a single buyer
or contract against the risk of insolvency
Specific Risk Insurance from Peter Hill Credit

When there is a need for a single risk to be covered we can arrange for cover for you from a range of underwriters. Typically a single policy would be available for credit limits in excess of £100,000. Specific Risk policies exist to allow you to insure a single customer. This is particularly useful for companies who have one customer representing a large proportion of their turnover, where there is a one off contract or the remaining credit customers are a crown or local authority risk.

Specific Risk cover is also useful for companies who perhaps only deal with one commercial buyer on credit terms. The cost of a Specific Risk policy is normally priced on the amount outstanding rather than the turnover of the specific customer insured.

Specific account policies are usually, but not always non-cancellable by the insurer. Under this type of policy the cover is insolvency only.

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We cover the following sectors of business and industry:

• Timber
• Steel & Metals
• Exporting and shipping
• Chemicals
• Communications
• Recruitment
• Advertising
• Agriculture
• Aggregates
• Construction
• Transport
• Petroleum
And more...

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